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Not All Attorneys Who Take DUI Cases Are the Same

As an educated, highly respected professional, you are well aware of the ways that a DUI charge – much less a conviction – can upend your life, your employment, your social relationships, and everything else you’ve worked so hard to cultivate and maintain. 

You know that even an arrest for DUI means an automatic driver’s license suspension for you. Once that reality has sunk in, you start worrying about a possible prison sentence, which means precious time away from your family and your career. The bottom line is that you know what you are facing as soon as you see those flashing blue lights in your rearview mirror. Now, you just want to know “How am I going to get out of this mess?”

Dallo Law is Dedicated to DUI Defense

Strategies without execution are worthless in court, and vice versa. Luckily, Attorney J. Dallo has a track record of success in both of those areas. The strategies Dallo Law has in place have allowed first-time offenders to successfully avoid jail time and severe penalties. We do it because our clients deserve nothing less than the best. You have resources to go to court, and we know how to use them wisely and effectively. From challenging the evidence gathered at the side of the road to fighting for your driving privileges while your DUI case is pending, there’s no fight we will back down from. 

Another area of consideration is your public record. DUI cases, generally, remain on your record for life; whenever someone conducts a background check on you, your DUI conviction will likely be visible. An experienced and knowledgeable attorney knows how to negotiate with the authorities in order to have this information hidden from public view. It’s through Attorney Dallo’s strong (but respectfully distant) relationships with police, prosecutors, and judges that he is able to reach deals that benefit you. The firm will educate you on the tradeoffs associated with taking a plea deal, but will not force anything on you. As soon as you say that you are ready to go to court, we are right there with you and ready to go. 


Driving over the limit was one mistake, but it’s in the past now. What are you going to do with your one chance to avoid a DUI conviction and severe penalties? We strongly feel the best choice is to make the call to Dallo Law. Call us today at 248-283-7000 and let us make a difference in your case and your life.