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Notable Victories

Over the years, Dallo Law, P.C. has achieved very favorable outcomes for individuals accused of very serious criminal charges.
Below we tell stories of some of the more interesting cases we have won. This is not all cases that we have handled or won. Please keep in mind the case results discussed here are not necessarily representative of the results obtained in all cases. Each case is different and must be evaluated and handled on its own merit.
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Charge(s): Assault w/ a Dangerous Weapon (Felonious Assault)

Date: September 2012

Details: A 30 year old construction worker who was looking for his girlfriend was told that she might be at another man’s house. Distraught, he went to the man’s house – it was an old friend he knew. He noticed two individuals sitting in a parked car in the driveway. He recognized them as the man and his girlfriend. The man looked back and saw my client, so the man immediately got out of his car and attempted to tackle my client, who successfully defended himself. continue reading »

Charges were filed against my client based on the man and two other witness’s statements: the man’s brother and the brother’s friend who were both supposedly looking through window of the house. The client came to Dallo Law and explained his side of the story. In our negotiations with the prosecutor’s office, we received no offer to reduce the charge at all. We discussed the options and possible outcomes with our client and decided to go to trial.

All three of the prosecutor’s witnesses testified that they saw my client attack and beat up the man and even attempt to run him down with his truck. When J. Dallo cross-examined them, he was able to demonstrate to the jury that their testimony was made-up, varied greatly among each witness who claimed they saw everything as clear as day, and lacked credibility. The jury deliberated and found my client NOT GUILTY.


Charge(s): Manslaughter

Date: July 2019

Details: A new mom was bathing her one-month old in the bathtub. She was distracted for a moment and stepped out of the bathroom. This brief act would change her life permanently. She returned to see her child unresponsive. She picked up and wrapped him in a towel, called 911 right away, and – while waiting for the EMT to arrive – yelled out to her neighbors to come help. This was a close-knit community with houses very close to each other so several neighbors did answer her calls and rushed inside the house to see what they could do. Sadly, no one knew CPR and tried doing things they learned from watching TV that resembled resuscitation to no avail. continue reading »

Of course, you could imagine the impact this had on her psyche, on her relationship with her husband who would work all day and night and so needed to trust his wife with the welfare of their baby boy. Her husband moved out and rented his own apartment as they remained separated. The mother fell into a deep depression only to later discover that she was being formally charged with the death of her son.

After retaining other lawyers to defend her, she realized they did not care about this matter as much as she needed them to; as much as she thought they would. So, she fired them and then both the husband and wife called Dallo Law and met with Attorney Dallo. They recognized immediately that J. Dallo was engaged! They knew he cared and wanted to justice. After meeting with Dallo, the wife’s confidence increased, she began taking parenting classes on child rearing, on technique, and earned several certificates. She never stopped mourning the death of her son and still wanted to improve as a mom and kept moving forward.

Attorney Dallo attended child protective services hearings and demonstrated the mom’s efforts, that her husband had returned to her, that she has his support, that they had another son, and wanted to be a family again.

At the same time, she was facing a serious criminal charge. Attorney Dallo was able to convince the prosecutor to reduce the charge to Child Abuse – 3rd Degree, which carried with it a maximum prison sentence of 5 years, which the probation office recommended to the judge at sentencing and which the prosecutor vehemently supported. However, Dallo Law was vigorous in its defense. Attorney Dallo impressed upon the judge that this loss was not intentional, it was an unforgiveable mistake, yes, and a mistake our client would be punishing herself for for the rest of her life. The judge, understandably, was in tears, as we all were. The judge realized the mom would need treatment and classes more than anything, to learn a lesson, to never make such a mistake again. She could see the effort our client made in improving, that her husband was by her side, that they had strong family support. And, in a decision that shocked the probation office and the prosecutor, causing the prosecutor to her to raise her voice in protest, the judge sentenced my client to no jail time, and five (5) years of probation wherein our client would have to continue taking parenting classes and being supervised by probation including visits at home. This outcome made much more sense than locking her up, taking her away from her new son when she was doing everything she could to be a better mom. Instead, through Attorney Dallo’s effort, the sentence was fashioned to improve her parenting skills, her relationship with her husband, and the future of this family.

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At Dallo Law in Bloomfield Hills, we are proud to offer consultations that are both FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. We realize these cases require the proper discretion, and we will treat your situation with the utmost care and caution. It's time you started to retake control of your life. Feel free to email or call us at (248) 283-7000 anytime! Your freedom could be a phone call away, but it is up to you to make that call. Our attorneys at Dallo Law are available now to take your call and your case. *In-person consultations on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are $375, $475, and $750, respectively.

    Client Testimonials

    I had the best experience dealing with my wife's immigration visa to enter the US and join me to be married. Jalal truly did as he said he would. When he told me it takes 4 months to get immigration approval, I received approval in 6 weeks. The problems began at the last stage when the Embassy was going through the file. But of course Jalal was on it every step of the way. within 6 months, my wife arrived and we were married.

    Take my word that if there is any immigration issues you face, Jalal should be your choice. I plan to use him for my future immigration needs. And most importantly, I am going to have him handle this matter as well. In addition to that, I will retain him for all my legal matters relating to traffic or any criminal or misdemeanor matters.

    God bless you for your work Jalal.
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    - Marten Brikho, an Avvo user Avvo logo
    I was facing 20 years in prison on a trumped up racketeering charge including 6 more felonies. Jay fought by my side for 26 months straight. Prosecution begged us to accept plea deal after plea deal with our continued refusals. Long story short, prosecution offered a plea deal last minute before I was to go to trial. The deal was dropping 6 of the 7 felonies including the most serious charges. I accepted. I ended up with a 6 month sentence in jail. I was very happy with the results considering the circumstances. Jays strategy was phenomenal and without him by my side, the results would have ruined my life
    - V, an Avvo user Avvo logo
    I got a Traffic ticket due to a speeding and for using a car with plates out of the state. According to the officer using plates from out of the state was considered a misdemeanor. Mr. Dallo was able to handle the situation and reach an agreement with the prosecutor to eliminate the misdemeanor and to change the speeding ticket to a minor offense, no points, no additional insurance cost. I recommend his services due to the professional negotiation and great knowledge of the people at the court.
    - Dante, an Avvo user Avvo logo
    What an amazing experience I had with Mr. Dallo and his team! Not only are they extremely knowledgeable but they also genuinely care about their clients. I did the best choice when I decided to hire Mr. Dallo as a lawyer. I got approved after struggling years with citizenship! Mr. Dallo was so supportive and encouraging. He answered all my questions and made sure that I had a full understanding of what to expect. Most importantly he was honest. I am so grateful to Mr. Dallo! I would highly recommend him for any immigration or other legal issues anyone might have.
    - Hani, an Avvo user Avvo logo
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    Dallo Law handles criminal cases in Oakland, Macomb, and Wayne Counties, along with the Federal Courts. The Dallo Team is dedicated to vigorously defending your rights and fighting back hard if we do not obtain the plea we desire.

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    Outstanding Reputation in the Courtroom

    Dallo’s professional career began like no other lawyer. Before becoming an award-winning criminal defense and immigration attorney, Dallo was an award-winning fighter and instructor who taught others the importance of a good defense.

    He successfully competed in boxing, kickboxing, and no-holds-barred tournaments on his way to becoming Captain of the University of Michigan Boxing Club during his undergraduate career. Today, J. Dallo uses his experience in the courtroom, martial science, legal acumen, and in-court prowess to challenge any prosecutor and any charge, no matter how serious or damaging.

    A Highly Selective Law Practice Means Better Results for You

    Oakland County criminal defense attorney Dallo and his team do not overwhelm their schedules the way other law offices do. We have decided that having fewer, select clients is best. This allows us to examine all of the evidence, research your case, interview the right witnesses, bring in the best experts, prepare thoroughly, and do what it takes to represent you at the highest levels of competence. And once you appear with Attorney Dallo in the courtroom, you will witness the way he commands the courtroom as he defends your rights.

    Our team is composed of honest and experienced professionals who know what it is like to have to fight for their rights and liberty. The clients represented by J. Dallo and our team are respected and in-demand professionals who are needed by society and respected by their peers. We defend normal, everyday, hard-working people like you, your family, and your friends who have found themselves facing serious criminal charges like OWI or drug possession. You have a lot on the line and a conviction could cause you to lose it all. That is why you have no time to waste if you’re facing criminal charges. If you want an experienced, no-nonsense fight through this difficult time, call Dallo Law at (248) 283-7000 to sit down with J. Dallo, discuss the details, and strategize the next steps.

    We accept clients throughout the greater Oakland County and Macomb County area including Birmingham and Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

    Dallo Law, P.C.

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    Our clients can afford to go to trial and are productive members of society. They are prepared to hire the most experienced and skilled attorney to fight for their rights. Additionally, our clients are more than eager to uncover utilize every defense possible so they can move on with their lives and return to what they do best. Judges and prosecutors know this all too well.

    The team at Dallo Law has the resources, experience, and skills necessary to achieve yours goals. Many judges and prosecutors have either witnessed or have heard of how relentlessly J. Dallo fights in the courtroom; how he meticulously examines witnesses with grandmaster abilities. They already understand that he will go to trial to challenge the prosecution’s allegations and will do so defending a client that has ample financial resources to go to trial. This perseverance and dedication to his cases has assisted J. Dallo’s clients as they know he will ensure stone is uncovered until he’s secured the best possible outcome for his client.

    Learn more about your legal options with the Macomb County and Oakland County criminal defense lawyer J. Dallo by calling his office at (248) 283-7000,