Rarely will you find someone as upbeat, enthusiastic, and as hard-working as Sr. Immigration Paralegal Sahar Tomash!

Sahar graduated from Baghdad University, College of Engineering in 1983 with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. She began working right away as an engineer. Always eager to learn more, she completed many training courses in the use of computerized mapping, remote sensing, and image processing techniques to serve and strengthen her work as City Planner.

Sahar has received many Certificates in Human Resources Management, Procurement and finance Management, Media Communication, and Leadership Management. She participated in a two-year program called Strengthening Urban and Regional Planning, where she was awarded the prestigious Gold Recognition of Merit for her excellent performance. Sahar successfully completed the Department of State Program’s “Young Leaders Exchange Program.” She was also a member of the Engineering Union. Always passionate about helping and teaching others, she served as a substitute teacher for the esteemed Troy School District.

Sahar brought that education, experience, desire to help clients, and “never give up” attitude to Dallo Law! As a legal assistant, she developed a passion for Immigration Law. She has dedicated her career to researching and preparing applications to help reunite families and help deserving people become US citizens! Sahar has improved our clients’ futures through her desire to ensure all people have equitable treatment under the law.

Sahar is sharp, smart, and motivated. She is very professional and friendly. She spends time doing deep research on cases, she pays attention to every single detail, and then she responds to client inquires and questions promptly so that they knew what to expect.

In her free time, Sahar enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and reading about daily changes in Immigration Law to always stay ahead and deliver the best to our clients!