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To go the extra mile is simply routine for Attorney J. Dallo. The Dallo Law Firm has helped numerous clients achieve an effective defense in court and get back on their feet after the process was completed. We treat every case as if it were our only case, because to you, yours is the only case that matters. Please review the ever-growing feedback we receive, and don’t forget to reach out to us for your criminal matter.

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Attorney Dallo is forward-thinking, responsive, and true a professional. He goes the extra mile to make his business relationships successful. and we always enjoy working with him and his firm.

Peter Wahlberg

Jalal Dallo is one of the top attorneys in the state for DUIs, and if you happen to catch one, your first phone call should be to Dallo Law.

Jalal’s attention to detail and knowledge of the ins and outs of DUI defense is unparalleled. From the moment you begin working with Dallo Law, the comfort you receive knowing that you have in your corner an attorney who is as skilled and knowledgeable as Jalal is worth any price, but the fees at Dallo Law are comparable to most every other DUI defense attorney around. However, the level of service and personal commitment you receive is much higher than even I could have expected.

If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, say nothing and call Jalal. You will be happy you did.

Brett D.

I have worked with Jalal on many occasions and his relentless passion for the success of his clients never ceases to amaze me. He works hard for his clients! He is trustworthy, genuine and gives people hope. I would (and do) recommend him to so many people!

Stephanie B.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. Amazing service, I highly recommend Dallo Law!

Fadi George

Jalal Dallo cares about his clients and will go to great lengths to get you the best outcome for your circumstance. The relationships he has built while working in the court system has allowed him to get better solutions for his clients that other attorneys are not afforded. Thanks again for all of your help during what was one of the toughest times in my life. If anyone is looking for a great attorney that acts more like a human being than a hotshot, loudmouth, condescending attorney, then look no further than Jalal Dallo.

Eric B.

Attorney Dallo is outstanding, extremely knowledgeable, personable, and always fights for what’s right. I highly recommend him.

Michael LePage

What an amazing experience I had with Mr. Dallo and his team! Not only are they extremely knowledgeable, but they also genuinely care about their clients. I did the best choice when I decided to hire Mr. Dallo as a lawyer. I got approved after struggling for years with citizenship! Mr. Dallo was so supportive and encouraging. He answered all of my questions and made sure that I had a full understanding of what to expect. Most importantly, he was honest. I am so grateful to Mr. Dallo! I would highly recommend him for any immigration or other legal issues anyone might have.

Hala A.

Mr. Dallo is very professional in his practice. He is the type of attorney that you would trust and like to retain once you meet. He researches the law thoroughly to provide the best legal service/advice.

Sally Shina

Mr. Dallo achieved the impossible and I love him for it. My uncle, who is more like a father to me, suffered for many years in war-torn Iraq. He escaped to refugee camps in Syria, then that country became unsafe. I had been trying for years to get my uncle into the U.S.

Someone finally referred me to this angel, he is sent from God to help immigrants. I called Mr. Dallo’s office expecting the same b.s. I had heard from two other immigration attorneys. Instead, I heard encouraging words that gave me hope, but he was honest with me and explained the risks. I was more than willing to take them. It took time and patience, but Mr. Dallo worked his magic and got my uncle and his family into the U.S. and got them resident alien status. He literally saved my uncle and his family’s lives. Thank you Mr. Dallo.

BizNiz Broker

Words can’t describe Attorney Dallo. He’s the best of the best, and he has the most professional staff ever!!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Sarmad Benyamin

He’s the best lawyer in Michigan.

Hala Hankhala

Thank you so much for helping me to get my citizenship. Jalal Dallo is the best lawyer. Also, I want to say thank you to Miss Diana and Miss Sahar for everything.

Maher Abbood

Jalal Dallo is the best lawyer in Michigan, he’s a true winner! He is honest and caring with his clients, very professional, and is knowledgeable in criminal and immigration matters. I truly recommend Mr. Dallo’s legal services!

Ivanna Yana Tytusa

I hear that he is an honest and helpful man.

Safa Mehsen

Mr. Dallo is a very knowledgeable and affordable attorney. My family worked on a few different cases with Mr. Dallo such as citizenship, green card, etc. and he finished them all.

Yelena P.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us. You provided an amazing service. I highly recommend Dallo Law!

Fadi G.

I was charged in a very serious driving case. I witnessed J. Dallo negotiate with the prosecutor and work something out for me that allowed me to get back on the road and get back to work.

Dani S.

I referred my coworker to Jalal after finding out he received a ticket for speeding and having an unregistered license plate in Michigan. My coworker is here on a work visa so the license plate ordeal was a big scare, due to it being a misdemeanor. Jalal worked very hard and closely with my coworker and the courts to get the misdemeanor charge completely removed. On top of this, the speeding ticket was lowered to impeding traffic, which resulted in zero points. Jalal is a great guy to work with!

Faadi D.

Even though J and his team were unable to help us because we were unable to provide them with all the requested info, J and his team tried their best and communicated with us well.

Shawn Abdou

Thank you very much and for your help in working on my case and success. I advise everyone who needs an experienced lawyer to contact Lawyer Jalal.

Intesar Abbood

He is the best lawyer ever. I highly recommend him.

Vm Bh

He’s passionate about his work and defending you.

Nancy Ishak

Once again, I needed Jalal’s help to fix traffic tickets for my son. He always was helpful to us. He helped my son get citizenship and removed many traffic tickets for him. He is the best here in Michigan. Thank you so much, Jalal.

Moon Light

Jalal is thorough, systematic and makes a very complicated immigration process so much easier. I would definitely recommend him.

Steph Tawa

He is the best lawyer ever. I highly recommend him. He’s one of the best. Thank you so much.

Noor Hindo

Thank you for all you have done in my case. Good job!

Hussein Safaa

Thank you J Dallo for excellent results in the difficult case matter. We were truly blessed to have you as our attorney! Thank you for getting the case dismissed. It was the best outcome anyone could have hoped for!


It was very nice to work with Mr. Dallo. He was very respectful and we recommend him.

The MultiMedia Station

Extremely professional, helpful, and available to answer all our questions and concerns.

Zeena Sahhar