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Client Testimonials

Dallo Law Uses Premium Resources for Premium Results, and We Have the Testaments To Prove It

To go the extra mile is simply routine for Attorney J. Dallo. The Dallo Law Firm has helped numerous clients achieve an effective defense in court and get back on their feet after the process was completed. We treat every case as if it were our only case, because to you, yours is the only case that matters. Please review the ever-growing feedback we receive, and don’t forget to reach out to us for your criminal matter.

Client Testimonials

Mr. Dallo and his team are amazing. Ive dealt couple times for my 2 speeding tickets. And one of his team. Mays, she knows whats she doing and she did an amazing job and took care of my tickets very well. Shes professional
Saif K Google review by Saif K

I have never met a lawyer such as Mr Dallow so compassionate besides being knowledgeable and professional in all ways. Thank you for being there for my husband, Ron Kruger.
Pacita Salcedo Google review by Pacita Salcedo

Mr. Dalo handled my brothers 3rd drunk driving very well! I was very impressed, he only received 30 days which is the states minimum for a 3rd offense! Keep up the great defense Mr. Dalo & thank you!
Renee Kekovich Google review by Renee Kekovich

Attorney Dallo is very knowledgeable, honest, and caring. He provided me with great legal advice and I would recommend him to anyone looking for top notch legal services.
Odai Alhajri1 Google review by Odai Alhajri1

I have worked with many attorneys in my past not that I am proud of. But I have had the best experience with Attorney Dallo. He is very easy to work with, very understanding of any situation and very known around the courts system. He has provided me with outstanding service and I would recommend him to anyone and everyone that ever needs legal help and or advice. He went above and beyond for me and got a long jail sentence reduced to nothing more then probation. Attorney Dallo is also a family man and cares not only about your well being but he also cares about your family. Highly recommended don't go any further then here!
Johnny Prieto Google review by Johnny Prieto

Attorney Dallo represented me in a time of need. At a time when I felt like nobody else had my back he did. Responsive and fast acting. Him and his team were successfully able to retain my property.
Jordon Machlis Google review by Jordon Machlis

100% Definitely recommend. FREE consultation. Loved it. Really good conversation i have with the lawyer. Provided very good inputs also. I went to other lawyers and just for the consultation they charge me like hundred dollars.
Devang Godhani Google review by Devang Godhani

Hello Mr Dallo- Just wanted to say thank you so very much for your services and hard work on my mother immigration case! I greatly appreciate it. . I am so grateful for your guidance and help..... I highly recommend you for any immigration case because you are doing terrific job.... Special thanks for Sahar and your wonderful team.
Mel Bali Google review by Mel Bali

I really appreciate everything that you've done. Lawyer J. Dallo offer free initial consultations. He gave me and my son legal advice and he explained things clearly. You feel comfortable with Lawyer J. Dllo.
Faith Rjoub Google review by Faith Rjoub

Attorney Dallo and his team are one of the best Ive worked with so far. They are very attentive, knowledgeable, and caring when it comes to their cases and clients. Their number one mission is clearly to keep their clients happy and achieve the best results possible. Couldnt be more happy with the outcome!
MS HomeCare Google review by MS HomeCare

I have worked with J. Dallo in a professional setting, and can say he is very charismatic, professional, and good at what he does! On top of his skills as an attorney, he is extremely personable and likable as a person. His clients retain friendships with him long after their legal troubles are over, and I can certainly see why!
Bart Johnson Google review by Bart Johnson

Mr. Dallo is professional and knowledgeable attorney and you can consider him as a solid choice for your case. Before charging you anything, he tells you exactly the chances of winning your case and gives you predictions of what is going to happen throughout the process. He tells you exactly what you need to do in order to get the best results possible. I think he is one of the best attorneys in his field and I highly recommend.
Layth Abawi Google review by Layth Abawi

We were referred to Dallo Law by a family friend, we had an emergency situation and was quick to meet with us and give us all the details we needed to complete our issue. Mr. Dallo made us feel secure about the case and kept assuring us that he would definitely get the job done. He was a very fast responder via text and call! Definitely invested, motivated, and caring!!! Honestly the list goes on and on. 10/10 for him and his firm. Thank you Mr. Dallo for all your hard work.
Karen Kasha Google review by Karen Kasha

Attorney Dallo is well experienced and professional. Follow what he says, and you should win your case no problem. I highly recommend.
Fady Abawi Google review by Fady Abawi

I would like to thank Dallo attorney and his team. I could not have asked for a better attorney. Very professional and took care of every questions I had. I highly recommend him for any Immigrants and US Naturalization cases. Thank you for all your hard work
fadia lazar Google review by fadia lazar

Mr. Dallo is an amazing attorney. He is informative, always willing to help, and very knowledgable. Him and his team excel in every aspect of customer service. They were a great help with our case, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for excellent results!
Eman Hamama Google review by Eman Hamama

Attorney Dallo is very professional and knowledgeable! Him and his team go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy. Mr. Dallo and his team were always in contact with me and updating me on my case regularly with great news! I highly recommend this firm and all their services.
angelo jarbo Google review by angelo jarbo

Mayosa is very nice and is super knowledgeable! When dealing with her you are in great hands! She answers your questions and concerns promptly and you arent just another number with her! Highly recommend.
David Kassab Google review by David Kassab

Attorney Dallo and his team are amazing! He is very knowledgeable and his whole team is all in all amazing. I wouldnt trust anyone else but Mr. Dallo!
Ayman Hamama Google review by Ayman Hamama

Dallo Law and his staff are professional, passionate about what they do, and efficient. They helped a family member with some law matters and gave us their honest opinion. Much appreciated.
karam benjamin Google review by karam benjamin

Thank you so much for taking care of my Grandmas ticket! We are very thankful that you got the ticket down to no points. Shes going to make me potato chop as a thank you!
Dani Simon Google review by Dani Simon

Thank you so much Mr. Dallo for your help. You were very professional. I was very satisfied with the court settlement. You have the best staff in the office. They were very respectful, and helpful. They would hear my voicemail, and always called me back when I had a concern or question. Thank you, Laith
Laith Talya Google review by Laith Talya

Only law firm I will use from now on! Very responsive and went over every aspect of my case with great detail. The outcome of everything exceeded my expectations! Thank you Dallo Law!
harrison houck Google review by harrison houck

Perfect lawyer and staff.
Khaled Albacha Google review by Khaled Albacha

Jay is the best. Him and his team will always have your back. Very professional and always there for you.
Mcdad Bill Google review by Mcdad Bill

Best attorney I had for my citizenship Im glad that I pick him from Thousand attorneys out there he was patient with me always returning my calls and the most important thing that he pulled all my cases from Kentucky court I didnt have to go there and pick up the documents myself thank you for your help and thanks to your team they was in awesome team and very friendly again thank you for helping me get my citizenship.
aSmeR919 Google review by aSmeR919

The best lawyer and staff ever. Very organized, accessible, and helpful. If you have a case, Dallow law is the firm to go to.
obada albacha Google review by obada albacha

Jay is the best. Him and his team will always have your back. Very professional and always there for you.
Bill / Mcdad Google review by Bill /  Mcdad

Best attorney I had for my citizenship Im glad that I pick him from Thousand attorneys out there he was patient with me always returning my calls and the most important thing that he pulled all my cases from Kentucky court I didnt have to go there and pick up the documents myself thank you for your help and thanks to your team they was in awesome team and very friendly again thank you for helping me get my citizenship.
aSmeR 919 Google review by aSmeR 919

Jalal Dallo was my lawyer for my case to get me to America and receive my greencard in the fastest time. He helped me a lot and worked on my case very well. Everything he did was quick and very well done.
Falah Hadad Google review by Falah Hadad

I recommend Dallo law firm they are professional
Nagham Oroo Google review by Nagham Oroo

As a fellow attorney, J. Dallo is an amazing attorney and I would confidently recommend him to my closest family members. He is trustworthy and loyal to his clients as evidenced by his clients who praise his great work. He is among the elite within the legal community and and has a reputation of being a zealous litigator that does not back down in the courtroom. Not to sound gimmicky but if you want the best hire J. Dallo.
Angie Joslyn Google review by Angie Joslyn

Attorney Dallo is forward-thinking, responsive, and true a professional. He goes the extra mile to make his business relationships successful. and we always enjoy working with him and his firm.
Peter Wahlberg Google review by Peter Wahlberg

Excellent experience with the team at Dallo Law. J Dallo is extremely passionate about his profession. Response time with the team is immediate. I would highly recommend J Dallo.
Matthew Weeks Google review by Matthew Weeks

Thank you so much for the great job you did, my dad got his citizenship. highly recommend.
Enas Putris Google review by Enas Putris

Very good attorneys
Ali Albaaj Google review by Ali Albaaj

Jalal is the best! Very personably and easy to work with. He has been incredibly helpful in one of the most stressful times of my life.

I would highly recommend him to any individual needing criminal defense. He knows his stuff and I don't know what I would do without him.
Bruno Nascimento Google review by Bruno Nascimento

I highly recommend Dallo Law. I am an attorney and i have sent Jalal Dallo many clients over the years. Universally, they report total and complete satisfaction. He is smart and passionate about every case. His staff is kind and gives my referrals the time, energy and respect they deserve. His reputation among the legal community is also incredible. He is an amazing litigator and his clients are well served.
Jody Lipton Google review by Jody Lipton

Thank you so much for everything you've done for us. Amazing service, highly recommend Dallo Law!
Sara Sam Google review by Sara Sam

Thank you so much for your amazing job! Mr, Dallo is one of a kind, caring and helpful human bean Id recommend Mr, Dallo to everyone thank you again for your amazing job I appreciate it!!
fiude toomi Google review by fiude toomi

Dallo is best lawyer in America. Im so happy that I worked with him and made my dream come true. And the service is amazing. I highly recommend going there.
Roaa Arab Google review by Roaa Arab

I am so Impressed with the Service for my Son and Daughter in law immigration case! Very caring and compassionate throughout the process! Our family is celebrating Green Card status! Thank you for assisting in changing our families lives and keeping us all together!
Chanita Foster Google review by Chanita Foster

you are the best.
soso toma Google review by soso toma

Everyone knows how stressful and tedious the immigration process can be. Dallo staff was always on top of our paperwork. They were always easy to contact and most importantly they truly cared and knew our struggle. Hands down wouldnt of been able to get through this process without their hard work. I fully recommend them to anyone looking to find a law office to get the Job done RIGHT!!!!!
Dellanira Vallejo Google review by Dellanira Vallejo

Thank you so much for your amazing job! Mr, Dallo is one of a kind, caring and helpful human bean Id recommend Mr, Dallo to everyone thank you again for your amazing job I appreciate it!!
Iman Salih Google review by Iman Salih

Was very nice working with Mr Jalal he was very respctful, we recommend him
The MultiMedia Station Google review by The MultiMedia Station

Extremely professional, helpful, and available to answer all our questions and concerns.
Zeena Sahhar Google review by Zeena Sahhar

Thank you very much and for your success in working on my case and success. I advise everyone who needs an experienced lawyer to contact Lawyer Jalal
intesar abbood Google review by intesar abbood

While I've fortunately never required attorney Dallo's professional services in a court room, I have had the professional pleasure of working on a video shoot with him. His expertise is only matched by his demeanor and attitude. Few lawyers have genuinely struck me as being both competitive and compassionate - Dallo Law strikes a reassuring balance in that regard.
Goodwin Media Group Google review by Goodwin Media Group

What an amazing experience I had with Mr. Dallo and his team! Not only are they extremely knowledgeable but they also genuinely care about their clients. I did the best choice when I decided to hire Mr. Dallo as a lawyer. I got approved after struggling years with citizenship! Mr. Dallo was so supportive and encouraging. He answered all my questions and made sure that I had a full understanding of what to expect. Most importantly he was honest. I am so grateful to Mr. Dallo! I would highly recommend him for any immigration or other legal issues anyone might have.
Hakc Hhkc Google review by Hakc Hhkc

Thank you for all you have done in my case.
Good job
Hussein Safaa Google review by Hussein Safaa

Attorney Dallo is outstanding. Extremely knowledgeable, personable, and always fights for what's right. Highly recommend him.
Michael LePage Google review by Michael LePage

He's passionate about his work and defending you
nancy kakoz Google review by nancy kakoz

Jalal is thorough, systematic and makes a very complicated immigration process so much easier. Would definitely recommend him.
Steph Tawa Google review by Steph Tawa

Best Lawyer ever I highly recommend Going by him hes one of the best thank you so much
Noor Hindo Google review by Noor Hindo

Thank you J Dallo for excellent results in the difficult case matter. We were truly blessed to have you as our attorney! Thank you for getting case dismissed, best outcome anyone can hope for!
Yana Google review by Yana

moon light Google review by moon light

Mr. Dallo is very professional at his practice. The type of Attorney that you would trust and like to retain once you meet. He researches the law thoroughly to provide the best legal service/advice.
Sally Shina Google review by Sally Shina

Mr. Dallo achieved the impossible and I love him for it. My uncle, who is more than a father to me, suffered for many years in war torn Iraq, he escaped to refugee camps in Syria, then that country became unsafe. I had been trying for years to get my uncle into the US.

Someone finally referred my to this angel, he is sent from God to help immigrants. I called Mr. Dallo's office expecting the same bs I had heard from two other immigration attorneys. Instead, I heard encouraging words that gave me hope, but he was honest with me and explained the risks. I was more than willing to take them, it took time and patience, but Mr. Dallo worked his magic and got my uncle and his family into the US and got them resident alien status. He literally saved my uncle and his families lives. Thank you Mr. Dallo.
BizNiz Broker Google review by BizNiz Broker

The best lawyer ever.. highly recommended
Vm Bh Google review by Vm Bh

Even though J and his team were unable to help us due to we were unable to provide them with all requested info, J and his team try their best and communicate well.
Shawn Abdou Google review by Shawn Abdou

Great experience
Jinan Abdullah Google review by Jinan Abdullah