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Armed with Ample Resources and Ready to Fight? Let the Black Belt Attorney Take it From Here

Are you willing to direct your resources toward a premium criminal defense attorney who knows what it takes to be effective? If so, Attorney J. Dallo of Dallo Law would be honored to be your personal legal representative, warrior, and scholar. From DUI and gun charges to manslaughter and first-degree murder, Dallo Law has seen it all and will not rest until you receive a favorable outcome that you can live with. That outcome may just mean a well-crafted negotiation to a reduced charge. And, if we do not receive a favorable offer by the prosecutor, we will use our resources to build a powerful case in defense of the allegations and prepare for battle in the courtroom. 

Educated professionals who have worked diligently their entire lives and accused of theft, fraud, or embezzlement deserve another educated professional who will work even harder to seek justice on your behalf! That is where Attorney Dallo comes in to play. Please peruse the section below to find out what criminal accusations Dallo handles. Don’t see your charges listed or have other questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to Dallo Law now.

DUI: If you’re a first-time DUI offender you are likely worried to death about losing your driver’s license for an extended period of time. That can have a devastating effect on your personal and professional life. Attorney Dallo goes beyond the mainstream method of representing clients in cases like these to produce satisfying outcomes. This “no-stone-unturned” approach includes securing third-party expert testimony to effectively torpedo the prosecution’s case.

Typically, other attorneys settle for 18 months of probation, and you’ll have to constantly take drug and alcohol tests several times per week – which can get really expensive. It can also take you away from family and work due to the serious commitment of complying with probation. However, what if you had a powerfully written letter from the right doctor who would properly counsel you? There are ways to impress upon the court that you are remorseful and that this will not happen again, thus producing outcomes other attorneys and their clients only dream of. Dallo Law makes that happen every week. This is not just talk – this is real.

If you have multiple DUIs, the consequences can be multiplied, as well. Let J. Dallo be your guide and your advocate. He will get you through to the other side with a strategy that makes sense and works for you.

Felonies: Felonies, such as capital offenses, are among the most serious criminal charges you can face. Murder, criminal sexual conduct, armed robbery, and multiple DUI arrests are all examples of felonies that can have you facing the prospect of significant jail time. These are nothing new to Dallo Law! Once you sit down with Attorney J. Dallo, you’ll realize how determined he is to represent you better than you thought possible.

Misdemeanors: One of the biggest mistakes defendants can make is assuming that misdemeanors are no big deal. Some misdemeanors can land you in prison, while others can be a major blemish on your record that can be detrimental to your professional livelihood. Consulting with Attorney J. Dallo is your best bet to make sure your reputation stays intact while you are working through misdemeanor charges.

Drug Crimes: Criminal penalties for drug crimes in Michigan can vary wildly. The amount and type of drug you are charged with possessing, as well as whether or not you intended to distribute or sell the drugs, will dictate whether you could be facing a slap on the wrist or decades in prison. With the help of an aggressive criminal defense attorney, you could get by with minimal disruption after facing drug charges – but you must act sooner rather than later. Call Attorney J. Dallo at Dallo Law today to get started on your defense.

White-Collar Crime: As a highly esteemed business professional, your standing in the community can tumble a long way down if you are convicted of an on-the-job criminal violation. The good news is that a white-collar crime can be successfully defended if you move quickly and decisively when retaining a white-collar attorney. Dallo Law understands the gravity of white-collar criminal allegations and the damage they can do to your reputation and future.

Retail Fraud – Shoplifting: For individuals who are truly serious about fighting their criminal charges and returning to their life of productivity and fulfillment, no accusation is too insignificant to push back against. Retail fraud might be thought of as a petty crime, but when it comes to you and your family, you will want to leave no stone unturned in your defense. Dallo Law knows how important you are to your community, and we will do everything in our power to ensure it stays that way.

Traffic Violations: Having too many points on your driving record, let alone not having a driver’s license, can put your professional life out of commission for some time, which you cannot afford. Avoid skyrocketing insurance premiums by having the right defense. For people like you who are simply too important to be dealing with nuisances like traffic violations, Dallo Law can handle these issues efficiently and with minimal disruption to your life.

Murder & Assault: There are perhaps no accusations that can have such an impact on the rest of your life as these types of charges. If there is any time in which you can leave absolutely nothing to chance, this is it. You cannot afford any mistakes or lazy lawyering, so please avoid those lawyers who will not go the extra mile for you. For legal representation that never stops working for you, your only choice is to retain the services of Dallo Law.

Embezzlement: Being charged with stealing property or funds placed in your trust or belonging to your employer can make it almost impossible to ever find a job or career again, because a future employer would hesitate to hire someone with such a conviction. J. Dallo is ready, willing, and able to defend you against such charges.

Assault & Domestic Violence: A domestic violence or other violent crime conviction on your record can make it quite difficult to be able to see your children, your partner, or carry on a normal life. Few accusations in the criminal justice system are treated with as much seriousness as violent crimes, and you need a defense attorney who will represent you accordingly.

Weapons Charges: There are certain rights afforded to you as a United States citizen to bear arms. However, the line between what is legal and illegal when it comes to particular firearms can sometimes be confusing and land you in the middle of a serious criminal trial. Attorney Dallo knows ways to effectively defend clients against all manners of weapons charges, and he would be honored to do the same for you.

Sex Crimes: Just the accusation of criminal sexual conduct is enough to blemish your name. Attorney Dallo has never worked so hard to prepare for – and go to battle – whether it is negotiating a favorable agreement with the prosecutor or, if the prosecutor’s offer is not in your best interests, in trial to help clean up a client’s name as in cases such as these. J. Dallo will fight hard to deliver the results you are looking for.

Computer Crimes: With advances in technology that make it easier for law enforcement agencies to gather evidence against you, you need quality, knowledgeable representation in court to fight for you. Dallo Law can help you navigate charges such as cyberstalking, internet sex crimes, and hacking.