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Consequences of Embezzling Money

What are the Consequences of Embezzling Money?

Embezzlement is a white-collar crime in the State of Michigan that carries a heavy social stigma. The offense can range from an employee overbilling customers and keeping the extra money to forging checks. Unfortunately, embezzlement can be classified as either a misdemeanor or felony crime which can mean life-altering consequences.

The penalties for an embezzlement conviction in Michigan depend on the value of the property that is stolen from the victim.

Level of Offense Fine Jail or Prison Time
Misdemeanor: Less than $200 Up to $500 Up to 93 days in jail
Between $200 to $1,000 Up to $2,000 Up to 12 months in jail
Between $1,000 to $20,000 Up to $10,000 Up to 5 years of imprisonment
Between $20,000 to $50,000 Up to $15,000 Up to 10 years of imprisonment
Between $50,000 to $100,000 Up to $25,000 Up to 15 years of imprisonment
Greater than $100,000 Up to $50,000 Up to 20 years of imprisonment


Collateral Consequences of an Embezzlement Conviction

As with any criminal conviction, a conviction of embezzlement will go on an individual’s criminal record – but that’s not all. These are consequences that exist outside of the statutory penalties of imprisonment and fines. Collateral consequences of an embezzlement conviction may include:

  • Loss of employment
  • Loss of voting rights
  • Immigration issues, including deportation
  • Limits on traveling to other countries
  • Difficulty finding housing
  • Loss of professional licenses
  • Loss of gun rights

For a thorough understanding of how these collateral consequences could impact your life, it is imperative that you speak with a knowledgeable defense lawyer as soon as possible. It’s important that your representative in these cases have experience, so they know how to build a strong defense strategy around your case.

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