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What are the Consequences of Having to Register as a Sex Offender?

At the risk of sounding obvious, dealing with mere allegations of a sex crime can cause long-lasting, significant damage to your social standing, professional reputation, and personal well being. A conviction for a misdemeanor or felony sex crime means your life will change—dramatically—without an extremely effective defense attorney to help you. Before we cover the advantages of retaining Criminal Defense Attorney J. Dallo, however, we will briefly go over the major consequences of being convicted of a sex crime. 

Public Sex Offender Registry

Perhaps the most unwelcome collateral consequence of being convicted of certain sex crimes is having to register as a sex offender. In Michigan, sex crimes are broken down into three tiers: Tier 3 is reserved for the most severe offenses, while Tier 1 offenses are mild in comparison. 

If you are convicted and the underlying crime applies to Tier 2 or 3, you must register on the public registry for 25 years or permanently, respectively. Tier 1 offenders must register on a non-public registry, which is still visible to many employers and others who conduct background checks. A significant amount of personal information is published on these registries, such as your name, address, work information, details about your vehicle, and other identifying information. 

In addition to registering, you must update your information 1-4 times per year depending on the offense you were convicted of. Your living arrangements, employment opportunities, and educational livelihood will all suffer. 

How Can an Attorney Help?

To preface this explanation, we want to make it clear that we understand the emotions you are going through right now if you or a loved one has been charged with even a misdemeanor sex crime. For first-time offenders, especially, the criminal justice system is extremely daunting and frightening. 

However, we are glad you have made it onto Dallo Law’s website, because we know exactly how to deal with those emotions: we turn it into immediate action on our end. 

It’s been said that a cheap attorney is the most expensive mistake you will ever make; that nugget of truth is amplified when you are dealing with serious criminal charges. Attorney Dallo is not one to back away from any confrontation or fight, much less insist on settling with the prosecution when you don’t want to give an inch. 

When it comes to defending yourself in criminal court, you only have one chance to come away with your desired outcome. Attorney-shopping is one way to make sure that the chances of that happening are slim-to-none. The truth is that not all attorneys are the same. Attorney Dallo has shown, time and time again, that he can AND WILL go the extra mile to put you in the best position possible with your case. Dallo Law does not build our practice on volume. When we go to trial for you, we focus on you and your case as if it is the only trial in the entire world. 

Our approach works best when clients have the resources to mount a defense that leaves no stone unturned. We know experts whose testimony and investigations will bolster your defense. Above all, our purpose is to make a difference in your life. 

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