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Methamphetamine Possession

Meth, or Methamphetamine, is a controlled substance across the United States. The production and distribution of Methamphetamine is highly illegal.

Meth and its derivatives are part of a Schedule 2 drug classification which includes fentanyl, opium, oxycodone and hydrocodone to name a few.

Bloomfield Hills Attorney for Methamphetamine Possession

If you have been arrested for possession of methamphetamine in Michigan, contact Dallo Law, P.C. to obtain competent legal representation. Your freedom depends on your defense attorney’s actions early in the case and the strategy he or she uses throughout the investigation and prosecution. Attorney J. Dallo at Dallo Law, P.C. and his legal team understand the complexity of methamphetamine possession cases, and he knows how to defend your rights.

You have the right to an attorney who will use every resource available to fight for you. Attorney Dallo is prepared to obtain the best possible outcome for your case. Reach out to Dallo Law, P.C. at (248) 283-7000 to schedule your first consultation.

Our firm accepts clients throughout the greater Oakland County and Macomb County area including Pontiac, Troy, Waterford Township, Oakland Charter Township, Royal Oak, Clarkston, Southfield, and Bloomfield Hills.

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Methamphetamine Possession

The laws surrounding the possession of controlled substances are codified in Michigan’s Public Health Code, Section 333.7403. According to state code, possession of a Schedule 2 substance (which methamphetamine falls under), is punished strongly by federal and state law enforcement.

It is worth noting that illegal possession of methamphetamine extends to its use as an additive in other drugs, or if it’s hidden by mixing it with a solvent.

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Methamphetamine Manufacturing and Selling

Selling methamphetamine is a Class D Felony, provided by MPHC Section 333.7340c(2). It is a violation of state code to sell, or attempt to sell, controlled substances including methamphetamine.

The production, delivery and manufacture of methamphetamine, however, is a much more serious offense. As most states attempt to cut off the drug trade at the source, the production and distribution of methamphetamine is a Class B Felony, as is the operation of a lab that creates methamphetamine.

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Penalties for Methamphetamine Possession in Michigan

Possession of any amount of methamphetamine OR its precursors, including ephedrine or pseudoephedrine for the production of methamphetamine, is eligible for the following penalties under Section 333.7403(2)(b):

  • Up to 4 years in prison and/or
  • $25,000 in fines

Production of methamphetamine is eligible for the following penalties under Section 333.7401c(2)(f):

  • Up to 20 years in prison

Operating a lab is eligible for the following penalty under Section 333.7401c(2)(f):

  • Up to 20 years in prison

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Common Defense Strategies for Methamphetamine Law Violations in Michigan

The following are a few of the more common defenses a lawyer may employ:
Unlawful Search and Seizure: – If law enforcement conducted an unlawful search and seizure, violating your Fourth Amendment rights, evidence obtained during such an action may be deemed inadmissible in court.
Lack of Possession: – It might be possible to argue that you did not have actual or constructive possession of the Methamphetamine. For example, if the drugs were found in a shared space or a vehicle with multiple occupants, proving ownership can be challenging.
Illegal Traffic Stop or Arrest: – If the traffic stop leading to the discovery of the drugs was conducted illegally or if there were issues with the arrest process, it could be grounds for a defense.
Lack of Knowledge: – Proving that you were unaware of the presence of Methamphetamine may be a defense. This could be challenging but may be applicable in certain circumstances.
Entrapment: – If law enforcement induced or coerced you into possessing or acquiring Methamphetamine, an entrapment defense may be considered.
Crime Lab Analysis Issues: – Challenges to the accuracy or reliability of the crime lab analysis that identified the substance as Methamphetamine could be raised as a defense.
Medical Necessity: – In some cases, individuals may have a valid medical prescription for Methamphetamine. Providing proof of a legitimate prescription could be a defense against possession charges.
It is strongly recommended to consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney who can assess the details of your case and provide appropriate guidance based on the relevant laws and precedents.

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Additional Resources

How to Spot a Meth Lab – This article from the U.S. Department of Justice provides information on spotting a meth lab. Some of the key ways to spot a meth lab are bad smells like cat urine, lots of traffic late at night, residents never putting their trash out and residents smoking outside due to fumes. The article also outlines what to do if you spot a meth lab.

Substance Abuse Recovery – This page from CARE of Southeastern Michigan provides an overview of recovery from methamphetamine abuse. The article includes resource centers, treatment facilities and what someone attempting recovery can expect.

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Bloomfield Hills Methamphetamine Possession Lawyer | Oakland County, MI

If you have been arrested for Methamphetamine possession, your future and freedom are at stake. Most controlled possession charges in the State of Michigan is prosecuted harshly and if convicted, you may face years of imprisonment and stiff fines. In a situation such as this, you need a competent criminal defense attorney who can fight for the justice you deserve. Turn to Dallo Law, P.C. for skilled legal guidance.

With our firm representing you, you will have the best possible chance at minimizing the penalties if not beating the criminal charges altogether. Call us now at (561) 557-8686 to set up your first consultation.

Dallo Law, P.C. has offices located in Bloomfield Hills, and accepts clients throughout the greater Oakland County and Macomb County area.

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