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Often people mistake the crime of robbery with simple theft. However, in the state of Michigan robbery is a separate charge with different penalties. Under Michigan law, the difference between robbery and theft is that robbery involves some sort of use or threat of force. Because violence is involved with robbery crimes, the court has imposed heavier penalties upon conviction. These penalties can include both time in prison and expensive court fines.

In addition to prison and possible fines, you may also be required to pay civil restitution to the victim and their family as a part of your sentencing. After you’ve completed all parts of your sentencing, you may then face further issues obtaining employment or housing because of the robbery conviction on your record. With so much at stake if a conviction occurs, it’s important you act immediately. If you or someone you know has been charged with robbery, it’s imperative you seek an experienced criminal defense attorney for assistance.

Robbery Defense Attorney in Oakland County, MI

Since robbery is classified as a violent offense, the penalties for the crime are severe. That is why we highly encourage you to contact Dallo Law, P.C. if you’ve been charged with armed or unarmed robbery. J. Dallo of Dallo Law, P.C. has years of practice under his belt and a passionate approach to his work. You can rest assured that your case will never be on the back burner as Mr. Dallo gives each and every one of his client’s cases individualized attention and focus. Set up your first consultation with Mr. Dallo today to discuss your legal options.

Schedule your first free consultation with Mr. Dallo by calling his office at (248) 283-7000. firm] accepts clients throughout the greater Oakland County and Macomb County area including Bloomfield Hills, St. Clair Shores, Warren, Sterling Heights, Clinton Township, Romeo, Roseville, Troy, Novi, Royal Oak, Clarkston, Southfield and Novi.

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What Are the Laws for Robbery in Michigan?

To prove the charge of robbery, the prosecutor must prove each of the following elements beyond a reasonable doubt:

  1. First, the defendant did one of the following to the complaining witness:
    • Used force or violence against
    • Assaulted
    • Put in fear
  2. Second, the defendant did so while he or she was in the course of committing a larceny.
  3. Third, the complainant was present while the defendant was in the course of committing the larceny.
  4. Fourth, that while in the course of committing the larceny, the defendant either:
    • Possessed a weapon designed to be dangerous and capable of causing death or serious injury; or
    • Possessed any other object capable of causing death or serious injury that the defendant used as a weapon; or
    • Possessed any other object used or fashioned in a manner to lead the person who was present to reasonably believe that it was a dangerous weapon; or
    • Represented orally or otherwise that he or she was in possession of a weapon.

For armed robbery charges, it must also be proven that the defendant inflicted an aggravated assault or serious injury to another while in the course of committing the larceny.

For robbery charges, the complaining witness need not be the owner or rightful possessor of the property taken. Under MCL 750.530, the complaining witness can be “any person who is present” while the defendant was in the course of committing the underlying larceny.

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Penalties for Robbery Under Michigan Law

The penalties for robbery depend on the circumstances of the case and whether aggravated assault or serious injury occurred. If an individual has been convicted of unarmed robbery then they should expect to face a felony punishable by up to 15 years in prison.

Armed robbery tends to have more severe penalties as aggravated assault or serious injury was inflicted on the victim. Under Michigan laws, the penalty for armed robbery can be a term in prison for any number of years. The judge has the authority to decide a sentence for you and isn’t restricted by any sort of sentencing guidelines. That means you could end up spending the rest of your life in prison if the judge believes the punishment is appropriate to the crime.

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Additional Resources

Robbery Laws in Michigan – Visit the official website for the Michigan Legislature to learn more about their laws pertaining to robbery. Access the site to learn about the various elements for unarmed and armed robbery, the penalties associated with it, and other relevant information.

Two Lansing Armed Robbers Sentenced | U.S. DOJ – Visit the official website of the U.S Department of Justice to read up on a 2020 news story detailing how two armed robbers were sentenced to 15 years in prison for armed robberies across the state. Access the site to learn more about the case, how sentencing was decided, and who investigated the crimes.

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Theft Attorney for Robbery Charges in Michigan

Have you been accused of robbery in the state of Michigan? If so, we urge you to gain legal representation with Dallo Law, P.C. as soon as possible. Our managing attorney J. Dallo has been assisting clients received reduced or dismissed charges for years and can utilize his skills for you. The penalties for robbery and other theft related crimes are nothing to take lightly, so it’s important you secure legal counsel as soon as possible. Find that counsel now with Dallo Law, P.C..

Call Dallo Law, P.C. today at (248) 283-7000 to set up your first consultation. Dallo Law, P.C. accepts clients throughout the Oakland County and Macomb County area including Bloomfield Hills, Waterford Township, Clinton Township, Sterling Heights, Eastpointe, Roseville, Fraser, Utica, Pontiac, Troy, Royal Oak, Novi, and Rochester Hills.

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