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    Violation of a PPO / Personal Protection Order in Michigan Explained by Defense Attorney

    Michigan Domestic Violence Attorney J. Dallo explains the Violation of a PPO (personal protection order) in Michigan Domestic Violence cases. If you’ve been arrested for a Domestic Violence offense, or violation of a PPO in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, or anywhere in Oakland County, Michigan, or surrounding areas, contact Dallo Law, P.C. at (248) 283-7000 to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your defense.

    In defending violations of PPOs, you have a PPO that’s been ordered. Typically it lasts for 12 months where the PPO is active. And sometimes the respondent will be alleged to have violated the PPO. and a violation can occur in so many different scenarios. It could be texting the person when you were ordered to never to reach out to them, calling them. Having somebody else reach out to them on your behalf. There’s also PPOs that are fashioned to be a little bit more conducive if, let’s say, there are children involved between the two, the complainant and the respondent so that they can only communicate regarding children custody that weekend things like that. So it can be very refined it can be tailored to the situation. I have clients who will have been accused of violating a PPO and sometimes it’s as simple as seeing what the PPO says and whether the violation fits. Whether my client’s action fits into the violation. You know, a person would think that “well it’s clear cut isn’t it?” the PPO says this, he or she did that. It’s not always that because you have to sort of define what the person’s action, the respondent’s action was. And whether that mounted to the level of violation.

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