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    OWI and Child Endangerment Charges, Operating While Intoxicated with a Minor Passenger

    Michigan OWI Attorney J. Dallo explains OWI (operating while intoxicated) with child endangerment charges. If you’ve been arrested for an OWI offense in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, or anywhere in Oakland County, Michigan, or surrounding areas, contact Dallo Law, P.C. at (248) 283-7000 to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your defense.

    In OWI cases involving child endangerment, specifically with a minor child in the vehicle, there’s a stigma with that. Some of my clients were moms who had their young child with them in the car and the mom was charged with a drinking and driving case. I’ve had cases where it was a teenager who was the driver and charged with putting the other teenager, the passenger, in a child endangerment situation. And there is a stigma to both of them. The mom, the stigma of you are putting in harm’s way, the one person you’re supposed to protect. So of course that’s just, an ugly sort of charge. And with the teenagers, that’s another one because now you have, typically the older teenager, let’s say the 16 or 17 year old, is now being looked at in a way where, you know you’re putting your friends or your neighbor’s friends at risk. So there’s a stigma to both of those charges. Of course, it’s not something that a mom, or the mom of the person being charged wants to see, but it’s things that we see, those are the kinds of charges that I see come into my office. And I really try to sit down with the family and understand what’s going on, and hear their story. So that I can do my best in my dealings with the prosecutor and the prosecutor’s position on the case.

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