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    Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Hit and Run Explained by Michigan Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Attorney J. Dallo explains leaving the scene of an accident in Michigan hit and run Cases. If you’ve been arrested for a hit and run offense in Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham, or anywhere in Oakland County, Michigan, or surrounding areas, contact Dallo Law, P.C. at (248) 283-7000 to schedule a free and confidential consultation to discuss your defense.

    In cases involving leaving the scene of an accident, the focus on the prosecution is not so much that there was an accident involved, it was that there was an accident and one or both people left the scene and that is the crime. The law states that immediately after an accident, that both people or everyone that was involved in the motor vehicles just remain at the scene until authorities arrive. And sometimes they’ll be an accident, someone gets hurt and the person that perhaps caused it, leaves the scene. It’s important for in our laws, that no one leaves the scene so that the incident is assessed. The crime there of course is leaving the scene and I’ve had cases like that, I’ve been to trial on cases like that. The focus for defense would be examining whether the driver, my client, knew or should have known there was even an accident. Sometimes the driver doesn’t even know that an accident was involved. One might think well how does the driver not know. The accident doesn’t always involve hitting another motor vehicle. It might be hitting a pedestrian, hitting a cyclist. The driver doesn’t always know, and road conditions, night or day, have to be taken into account. That’s one of the things. The other thing that’s taken into account is perhaps the driver didn’t stop because it wasn’t safe to stop. Maybe it was very very busy, maybe it was on a highway, and the safest place to stop is after exiting the ramp, and then going up and maybe parking at the gas station, and then calling authorities.

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